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.: Archive News :. July . August . Sept/Oct/Nov 2002 :.

.: 28.01.03 :. 'I Love Every Little Thing About You' The Video Online! :.
For a limitied time only, the Official site will be streaming the brand new video to Rhianna's next single. This is via Windows Media format, and was filmed last year in Barcelona, Spain. So what are you waiting for, go there now and check it out!

.: 27.01.03 :. Southampton Gig (Thanx Katie!) :.
The photo below was sent in by a nutty Beverley Knight fan, taken at the Rhianna warm up gig in Southampton in December 2002. For more snaps, check out the Rhianna Yahoo Group.

.: 27.01.03 :. Tracklisting Announced :.
The tracklisting for 'I Love Every Little Thing About You' has been announced below >> The track is due for release on Monday 10th February.

1. I Love Every Little Thing About You (Album Edit)
2. I Love Every Little Thing About You (Boilerhouse Mix)
3. I Love Every Little Thing About You (Knee Deep Classic Mix)
4. I Love Every Little Thing About You (Walkner.Hintenaus Remix)
5. I Love Every Little Thing About You (Video)

.: 22.01.03 :. Snapshot Of Me & Rhianna! :.
Click below to enlarge! It was taken just after Rhianna's live set at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, back in December 2002. I look crap, but Rhianna looks great as usual!!

.: 09.01.03 :. Official Site Updated & Brand New Comp :.
The official site has finally been updated with information reagrding the release of Rhianna's new single, and the announcement of a new competition. Here you can win a brand new Rhianna T-Shirt!

.: 07.01.03 :. Release Date Changed 2 February :.
It has been officially confirmed that Rhianna's next single 'I Love Every Little Thing About You', will now be released on Monday 10th February 2003. Check out the brand new Rhianna Yahoo Group for the press release @

.: 04.01.03 :. 'S Club Juniors Will Become Brats' Says Rhianna :.
Check out this news report taken from this music based site >>

Rhianna Kenny, who has been described by some to be another Kylie Minogue, recently revealed that she thinks S Club Juniors will become spoilt brats once they are much older. When she was asked by the press if she thought it was important to start out young in the music industry, she said "It isn't important at all. You can start off anytime. Too young and it isn't good. I see the S Club Juniors and I think they're going to be right brats by the time they're 17 or something. And you've got to be really strong to be in this kind of environment. It can break you this industry."

Meanwhile, Rhianna, who releases her awesome sounding 'I Love Every Little Thing About You' on the 10th of Februaury, said that she was really glad that she learnt how the business and the whole music industry worked by constantly hanging around with her brother and his band, LSK. "When I was fifteen, I'd go on tour with them when I was still at school. I learnt how it was like in this business. I am glad to have watched what my brother did and all that."
"And I know my brother's really proud. It's one of those things, your parents or siblings won't tell you they're proud, but then they'll go and tell all and sing your praises to their friends. In a way it's really good because they don't blow my ego."

.: 03.01.03 :. India Rumour
(Thanx Steel!) :.
According to the official message board, Rhianna is in India right now, on a little break. This is before she comes back to the UK for the promotion of her next single 'I Love Every Little Thing About You'.

.: 03.01.03 :. Archive Interview With Simon Mayo :.
Check out this archive interview with Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2. This was broadcast on Monday 16th September, the day 'Get On' was released. (The audio link requires Real Media Player!)

.: 29.12.02 :. 'I Love Every Little Thing About You' More Remix Info :.
Promo CD's & Vinyl for the brand new single, 'I Love Every Little Thing About You', are being sent out to DJ's across the UK as we speak. The latest remixes include the 'Knee Deep Classic Remix' and the 'Knee Deep Sleazy Club Mix' of the track.

.: 28.12.02 :. Brand New Rhianna Yahoo Group :.
I've just set up a brand new Rhianna Yahoo Group, as the old one was deleted :( Feel free to join up and chat @ I've also included some new photos, that are not featured on this site's gallery, check below for a preview >>

.: 25.12.02 :. V2002 Snaps :.
Here are some photos of Rhianna's performance at last Summer's V2002 in Staffordshire on the 19th August 2002. Click below to enlarge, and check out the gallery for more pics!

.: 25.12.02 :. The Remixes :.
According to, 'I Love Every Little Thing About You' will be released on Monday 27th January. This will feature the 3Quency R&B Mix, which is sweet, sparse and bassy, with a haunting child like quality to the backing vocal overdubs. The 8Jam Street Mix, is the one which picks up a groove with intense drum programming, rendering the vocals more distant, yet still powerful enough. Walkener Hintemuas Remix is more mechanical and moody, chilled beats, whilst the Boilerhouse Mix plays on the melody.

.: 21.12.02 :. Photos @ The London Gig (Thanx Angie!) :.
Check out these snaps of Rhianna warming up the crowd @ the Beverley Knight gig in London, last Monday night!

.: 20.12.02 :. 'Exclusive' Brand New Single Cover Unleashed! :.
Below is the official promo cover for the next single 'I Love Every Little Thing About You', and I can exclusively reveal that the radio edit of the single has been mixed up as the 'Bolierhouse Mix'. The cover of Stevie Wonder's 'Every Little Thing About You' will be released in the UK on Monday 20th January 2002.

.: 17.12.02 :. Hammersmith Apollo - The Final Night :.
Last night Rhianna played the last of her support gigs for Beverley Knight at the London Hammesmith Apollo. The set was fantastic and highlights included the funked up version of 'Moon Is Blue' & the next single 'I Love Every Little Thing About You'. She dedicated the track 'Runaway' to her brother, who was in the audience, as he wrote the song for her, and afer the set, she signed autographs for the fans. I was lucky enough to meet her too, and have me picture taken with her, and I must say she is really lovely in real life :) Photos coming soon! But in the meantime check out the review below by So-Urban...

.: So-Urban Review :. Rhianna lights up stage at BK gig performance :.

19 year-old Rhianna sent the crowd at the Hammersmith Apollo to the moon and back when she performed as supporting artist on the last date of Beverly Knight's UK tour. The frizzy haired starlet performed 10 tracks from her debut album Get On to an eager crowd of 1000+, stylishly dressed in a pair of sparkly gold shorts subtly completed with a understated brown top and brown boots.
Flanked by her lead and bass guitarists, and accompanied by pianist, drummer and two backing vocalists the Leeds native performed her singles "Oh Baby", her version of Stevie Wonder's "I Love Every Little Thing About You" and "Word Love" which she told the crowd brought back memories of performing it in her brothers band LSK.
She performed a spirited version of "Runaway" which had a special significance as her brother Lee who was in the audience had written the track but had never seen her perform it.

Rhianna's vocal ability was clear to see on slower tracks like "Moon Is Blue" and "Romeo 'N Juliet" and the contrast of her soft voice against this big-haired girl with bright gold shorts and heels was remarkably alluring.
Expect to be hearing her name alot more, Rhianna definitely shows that she has the talent to rise to the top of a very gifted urban UK scene.

.: 13.12.02 :. The Rhianna Promo Group Online :.
Due to the lack of promotion for Rhianna's last single 'Word Love', a brand new movement has just been launched on the net to promote her next release. Join up now and spread the word >>

.: 10.12.02 :. The Manchester Gig (Thanx Andy!) :.
Here is a snap of Rhianna's back @ the Beverley Knight gig in Manchester!

.: 09.12.02 :. 'I Love Every Little Thing About You' Release Date :.
It has just been announced that 'I Love Every Little Thing About You', the third single from 'Get On' will be released on Monday 20th January 2003.

.: 08.12.02 :. Liverpool Gig, Setlist & Concert Photos (Thanx RhiannaFan!) :.
Rhianna amazed fans with a fantastic set in Liverpool last night, supporting Miss Beverley Knight on her current UK tour! The setlist included every track from her debut album 'Get On', apart from 'TLND', and the order went a little like this >> Justify, Oh Baby, I Love Every Little Thing About You, Moon Is Blue, Romeo & Juliet, Girlfriend, Damn, Runaway & Word Love >>

: Concert Photos
: 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 :
A massive thanx to Andrew (aka RhiannaFan) for sending in the photos and reporting on this gig!

.: 01.12.02 :. UK Tour Kicks Off 2Nite! :.
After months of waiting, Beverley Knight finally kicks off her UK tour with Rhianna tonight, at the Bristol Academy. The 12 night tour will end at the Hammersmith Apollo, London on the 16th December.

Do you fancy being a reporter @ a gig?! You can keep the online community updated with every move Rhianna makes on this tour!! All you have to do, is go along to the gig, have loads of fun and report back everything that happened!! If you have any photos even better :) If you meet her, let us all know what happened, what you said, what she said etc. Just send your report/review to and it'll be uploaded to this site straight away!!


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