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:: 20.11.02 : Next Single... :.
According to Rhianna's mum, the next single to be released from her fantastic debut album 'Get On', will be the cover of Stevie Wonder's 'I Love Every Little Thing About You'. The video is currently being shot in Barcelona, Spain.

:: 11.11.02 : 'Get On' The Photo Shoot (Thanx Tom!) :.
Check out these sexy snaps of Rhianna, kindly scanned in by our new forum moderator Tom. These are taken from Rhianna's debut album 'Get On', which is out now!!

>> Click thumbnails to enlarge! <<

:: 05.11.02 : The Jamiroquai Tour :.
At the moment Rhianna is supporting Jamiroquai, with a 30 minute opening set on his Japanese tour. This is great preparation for her UK gigs which kick off on the 1st December, with Beverley Knight.

:: 13.10.02 : Rhianna In Japan
Rhianna is getting ready to break Japan, as she prepares for her tour of the countrty. This will also promote the Japanese version of 'Get On'.

:: 23.09.02 : Extra Tracks & Next Single :.
Rhianna has been in the studio recording some B-sides and extra tracks for the Japanese version of the album, whilst doing some re-vocals for the remixes of the next single. Which is rumoured to be either 'Damn' or 'I Love Every Little Thing About You'.

:: 16.09.02 : 'Get On' - Out Now! :.
Today Rhianna releases her debut album 'Get On', featuring the singles 'Oh Baby'& 'Word Love'. This will be avaliable on CD and exclusive limited edition vinyl! Check out this exclusive review from Darker Than Blue >>

1. Oh Baby
2. Moon Is Blue
3. Runaway
4. Word Love
5. I Love Every Little Thing About You
6. Damn
7. Justify
8. Girlfriend
10. Romeo n'Juliet

'Refreshing' aptly describes this debut effort from Leeds lass Rhianna Kenny. Get On presents the listener with a light blend of pop and soul, and Rhianna successfully recreates the funk genre with a faint air of youthful genius. The opening single single 'Oh Baby' sets the tone with it's funky guitar and pop-tastic melody, and this sound is extended to cuts like 'Word Love', and 'Girlfriend'. Likewise, 'Damn' is a jazzy soulful delight which a hint of RnB and the Stevie Wonder cover 'I Love Every Little Thing About You' does justice to the original. This album looks set to do well on a mainstream level and 'Get On' is a stylish effort deserving of mass recognition. A class act.

:: 14.09.02 : Rhianna Revealed - Webchat Video Online :.
Click here to watch Rhianna chat about 'Get On', and going to internet cafe's and chatting online to her fans in her forum. (Unfortunatley, this is only avaliable if your with Blueyonder.)

:: 12.09.02 : Celebrity Fridge :.
Internet service provider NTL recentley interviewed Rhianna about the food she eats, click here for more.

:: 11.09.02 : 'Get On' Album Review (Source Yahoo Music) :.
In a world that's keen to pigeonhole artists, it's actually quite hard to know who Rhianna's music will appeal to the most. Her shows at jazz venues have received critical praise from some of the most highbrow musical luvvies in the business, while her energetic support slots to Destiny's Child were lapped up by impressionable teens.

In actual fact, this London teenager, who's based in Shoreditch, namechecks rather different artists, such as Kate Bush, Nelly Furtado and Patti Smith, as her inspirations. However, the main thing worth noting is her output's Phil Spector-ish pop sensibility which, when combined with a modern urban pop sheen, adds up to the sort of music that The Supremes would be making, if they emerged today.

On the back of two single releases, Word Love and a Top 20 hit, Oh Baby, the big-haired chanteuse releases Get On,her confident debut album. At just ten tracks, Get On is perhaps a little on the short side. However, a far as the content is concerned, there's very little to fault. Johnny Rockstar, the producer, does an admirable job in bringing out the best in the former Bedlam A Go Go backing singer's lush voice.

:: 09.09.02 : Desktop Wallpaper :.
Here are two desktop wallpapers for you to download. Click to enlarge, then right click and 'Save As' >>

:: 08.09.02 : 'Word Love' Enters UK Singles Chart :.
It has been confirmed that 'Word Love' has entered the official UK singles chart at #41. This is mainly due to those faulty cd's, which has been a huge problem in terms of sales this week. However we all know what a great track this is, and it will definately not stop us from buying the album, out on the 16th!! You can discuss this chart entry with other fans in the forum.

:: 06.09.02 : Latest Publications
Here is a list of all the latest publications featuring Rhianna >>

TOUCH (Feature) >> September Onsreet
SNEAK (Q & A Feature) >> 21st August Onstreet
GLAMOUR >> Sept 1 (Oct Issue)
ATTITUDE (Page Feature) >> September Issue
COSMO GIRL (Page Feature) >> September Issue
ELLE GIRL (2 Page Feature) >> October Edition - 23rd Sept. Onstreet
SEVEN UPDATE (Cover Feature) >> Sept. 11th Onstreet

:: 04.09.02 : TOTP Webchat Transcript :.
Feast your funk-frenzied eyes on this transcript taken from yesterday's webchat with Rhianna @ Top Of The Pops! The foxy feline of funk just went down a storm.

:: 03.09.02 : Faulty CD's :.
Since yesterday's release of Rhianna's 'Word Love', many fans have been surprised to find that CD1 of the single does not feature the track,'Oh Baby (Album Version). This is due to a mistake made by the distributors who have pressed up the CD wrongly. Some stores across the UK have pulled these off of the shelves, but some are still selling them. If you're a collector, get your copies fast, as these babies are unique!!! CD2 of the single has not been affected by this.

According to mid-week sales, 'Word Love' appears to be at #44. This should increase over the weekend!!

:: 02.09.02 : Rhianna Webchat :.
Rhianna will be participating in a TOTP's webchat at 6pm, Tuesday 3rd september. So, if there's anything you want to ask Rhianna, this is your chance...! To post your questions to Rhianna, log-on at 6pm tuesday - TOTP's livechat.

:: 02.09.02 : 'Word Love' Out Now!:.
After weeks of waiting, 'Word Love' is finally avaliable to buy in all good record shops today! The single is avaliable in CD & DVD format, and faces competition from Appleton, N-Trance, Underworld and Paul Weller, who all release singles this week! Check out these 'Word Love' reviews >>

: Yahoo Music : Dotmusic :

:: 01.09.02 : Promo Postcards (Thanx Tom!) :.
Over the weekend you may have received a postcard from Rhianna! Well, from the record company with her picture on the front :) It's for the promotion of the new single 'Word Love' which is finally released tomorrow morning. For those of you who didn't get it, check out the images below, click to enlarge.



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