20.07.03. -> LSK & Rhianna Gig Photos ->
Here are some photos of Rhianna live @ the Hifi Club, with LSK on their current UK tour. These were taken on Saturday 5th July 2003. Click the photos below to enlarge!

Check out Rob's site for more photos from the gig!

18.07.03. -> Rhianna Posts Message On Official Forum ->
Rhianna has been online in her official forum @ www.rhiannamusic.com and let everyone know what she's been up to! Here's the message that she left:

Was speaking to my best mat rixxta yesterday and she told me to get my ass on here and say hi. Been doing lots of gigs with LSK and will be doing lots more so take a look on his website at LSKOKUK.com the album is killer.
Been doing some writing too, working with various music bods and looking forward to bringing a new album out next year. I hope everyone's well and that any exams have passed without being too much stress-enjoy the summer everyone, love
Rhianna xxx


12.06.03. -> LSK Forthcoming Tour Dates ->
LSK feat. Rhianna, will be performing a live gig at the Water Rats Theatre in Kings Cross, London on Monday 16th June and Thursday 10th July & on Thursday 7th August LSK will be playing at the Jazz Cafe, London.

LSK also releases their second album 'Outlaw' this Monday, so make sure you get your copy!

11.06.03. -> Appearance In Anotherside's Brand New Video ->
Check out Rhianna's appearance in Anotherside's brand new music video 'This Is Your Night'. The group made up of former Honeyz leadsinger Celena and her cousin, former Kleshay singer, Alani. The video can be seen on most music channels, and you can also watch the video right here, right now.... so go spot Rhianna & make sure you get your hands on a copy of the single when it's released on Monday 23rd June 2003 ->

Windows Media [Low Bandwidth Video] / [High Bandwidth Video]

02.06.03 -> Rhianna On Tour In The UK With LSK! ->
Rhianna has been touring the UK with her brother Leigh Stephen Kenny, as he promotes the release of his brand new material. Check out the photos below taken of Rhianna at some of the gigs ->

-> More photos from the tour can be found on the official LSK website.

18.03.03 -> Brand New Album Coming!! ->
Today Rhianna announced on her official message board, that she is about to start writing and recording her follow up album to 'Get On'.


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