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:: 29.08.02 : I Like Interview
Here is an interivew with Rhianna, where she chats about her hopes of making a greatest hits album by the time she is 30, being praised by celebrity fans, and how she made her dad cry. Click here to read.

:: 29.08.02 : Radio 1 Audio Online (Source:
If you tuned into Radio One this morning, you would have heard Rhianna performing acoustic versions of 'Word Love' and a cover of The Strokes 'Last Night'. Don't fear if you missed that, as I have just uploaded them to the site in low quality format. Just click the links below to download and enjoy!

Word Love MP3 (Low Quality) 56kbs - 3m31s (1.40mb)
Last Night MP3 (Low Quality) 56kbs - 3m15s (1.30mb)

:: 28.08.02 : Surprise Posting!
Earlier on today, Rhianna made a surprise posting on this site's forum :) Unfortunatley she hasn't signed up to it, so we don't have her email, hehe!! But she was very surprised to see the EXCLUSIVE album cover that was uploaded onto the site a couple of days ago!! She also states that she will be responding to some messages on the Official site this Friday!

You can sign up to the forum right now and chat with other Rhianna fans, and also receive exclusive news as and when it happens via your email address!! So, what you waiting for >> Sign Up Now

:: 26.08.02 : Rhianna @ Radio 1
Check out Radio 1 this Thursday morning from 10am, as Rhianna will be joining DJ Nemone live on the show! Listen to BBC Radio 1 on 97-99 FM, on digital radio, on digital satellite (channel 851), on digital cable (channel 901 on Telewest, 858 or 401 on ntl) and via the BBC Radio Player.

:: 25.08.02 : EXCLUSIVE>> 'Get On' The Album Cover
Here is the brand new cover for Rhianna's debut album 'Get On'! Featuring the singles 'Oh Baby', 'Word Love', the promo CD 'Runaway' and a cover of Stevie Wonder's 'I Love Every Little Thing About You', out on Monday 16th September!! Click the pic below to see full size version.

:: 24.08.02 : Ask Rhianna...
Internet providers NTL World have set up a mini site dedicated to Rhianna, as part of the promotion for the new single. Here you can ask Rhianna a question and be in with the chance of winning an exclusive video of 'Word Love' and the CD. The site also allows you to listen to samples of the single remixes including the '4Hero Soul Mix', 'Eddie Roberts Remix' and the 'Pound Boys Main Mix'. Click below for more >>

:: 23.08.02 : Brand New Album Title Revealed!
'Get On' is set to be the title of the debut album, due out on the 16th September! For more info and pics of the album sampler, check out the discography section.

:: 22.08.02 : RI:SE TV Appearance
Rhianna will be taking our tv screens by storm tomorrow morning, with a performance of 'Word Love' on Channel 4's 'RI:SE'. The show kicks off from 06.55am, be sure not to miss it!

:: 21.08.02 : NME 'Word Love' Review
Pick up your copy of NME's latest issue, as it features a fantastic review on 'Word Love'. Alterntaively, you can read it here >>

"Where's the glitz, the TV cameras and weekly telephone votes then? Nowhere to be seen, because this is exactly how people don't go about pop careers nowadays. In bands since she was 15, Leeds-bred Rhianna and her Kelis-crazy hair want to conquer the charts their own way. This is a fine start. Based around a rolling groove The Charlatans would be proud of, 'Word Love', is part cool sophistication and part homegrown Nelly Furtado kookiness. Head and shoulders above the usual precocious chart starlets."

:: 20.08.02 : Internet Interview
Here's a brand new interview with Rhianna, where she chats about the single, the forthcoming album, her gig at the Jazz Cafe, her forthcoming promotional trip to Japan & Australia and states that she may be doing a few gigs with Toploader later this year. Read it here, right now.

:: 15.08.02 : Rhianna @ Party In The Park
I've just found some more photos of Rhianna, this time perfoming at 'Party In The Park' in Brighton on the 23rd June. Check them out below, and for more snaps have a peek in the gallery!

:: 14.08.02 : 'This Is London' Review
Here's yet another review of Rhianna's gig at the Jazz Cafe on Monday night, by Chris Leadbeater from This Is London, clich here to read!

:: 14.08.02 : Single Release Date Pushed Back
Rhianna's brand new single 'Word Love' will now be released on Monday 2nd September. This is to allow more time for promotion.

:: 13.08.02 : Jazz Cafe Review (Thanx Stuart!)
Check out an exclusive review of last night's gig in the brand new fanmail section of this site. It features the full set list from Rhianna's showcase at the Jazz Cafe.

:: 13.08.02 : The Jazz Cafe Gig
Last night Rhianna played a live gig at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, London. She showcased her forthcoming album, along with the singles 'Oh Baby' and the brand new 'Word Love'.

One fan said 'I went last night and thought Rhianna was bloody excellent, brilliant, beautiful voice and lady! I've been interested since I heard hate or love on the radio and bought it the next day, she has alot of talent, the new song is really good too, can't wait to hear more of it. Some people were filming a few songs too, but I don't know what that was for, maybe MTV.' - Jamiroheavy

Next up for Rhianna is the V2002 gigs at the weekend!!

:: 11.08.02 : 'Word Love' Single Covers
The second single from Rhianna, follow up to 'Oh Baby' will be officially released in the UK on the 26th August, on CD and DVD. Below are the official covers for this release. Check out the discography section of the site, to see more info on the promo releases for 'Word Love'.

:: 09.08.02 : Promo Album In Circulation
Promo CD's featuring 6 tracks from Rhianna's forthcoming album are being sent out to DJ's & Radio Stations as we speak. The disc includes 'Oh Baby', 'TLND', 'Runaway', 'Girlfriend', 'Moon Is Blue' and 'Word Love'. The full album will be released on Monday 16th September.

:: 08.08.02 : Rhianna Makes The B-List!

Even more great news for Rhianna today, as her new single 'Word Love' is starting to gain loads more airplay, with the track entering Radio One's B-List!!

:: 02.08.02 : Brand New Video Online

The Official site has just uploaded the brand new video to 'Word Love' (Windows Media Format) Check out the stills below, click to enlarge! The single is released on Monday 26th August.

:: 02.08.02 : Tracklisting For The Forthcoming Album
Here is the exclusive tracklisting for Rhianna's forthcoming debut album 'Rhianna', due out on the 16th September 2002. The same day as Underworld's 'Ansum'.

1. Oh Baby
2. Moon Is Blue
3. Runaway
4. Word Love
5. I Love
6. Damn
7. Justify
8. Girlfriend
9. T.L.N.D.
10. Romeo 'N' Juliet

:: 01.08.02 'Word Love' On Radio 1 Playlist!!
Fantastic news for Rhianna, as 'Word Love' has been added to Radio 1's 'C-List'. This means it'll get at least 5 plays a week, and over the next few weeks it should hopefully move up to the A and B lists. Click here for a preview of the single cover.




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